Badminton On Fire

Badminton at West Midlands Fire Service – Dudley Station

What a way to spend Saturday night! How better that playing badminton in a Fire Station, with Fire-men?

How and Why was i doing this? Long story short, read on…………
The Green watch at Dudley Fire Station are about to start working with Emma Homer (a community volunteer) who represents a group called Wrenna, Priory, Green Youth United (WPGYU). Green watch are running a couple of badminton sessions where two different age group of kids visit the Fire station and play badminton with the fire fighters.

As a badminton coach I agreed to lend Dudley Fire station some racquets and donated the shuttles so that the sessions can take place. It is unfortunate that I can not support the two sessions Green watch have got scheduled in person (I am so disappointed).

So earlier tonight I called in to drop the racquets off at the Fire Station and got roped in to playing badminton. Must thank Carl, Richard, Mick, Lee, Adam and Tert for some great games and their hospitality. Good luck for the sessions and will look forward to finding out how they went. Wishing you every success.

One thought on “Badminton On Fire

  1. Hi Stephanie,
    On behalf of all of the fire-fighters from Green Watch at Dudley Community Fire Station and of course all of the children from WPGYU group who took part in our Badminton sessions we’d just like to say a massive THANK YOU to your kind self for the input you gave me and my team and of course for the loan of those rackets!

    We received some incredible feedback from the local children as well as the community volunteers that attended. Badminton is a sport that they hadn’t played before but since our sessions I’ve heard stories of how children are now playing in their back gardens over a washing line!

    I believe playing Badminton will promote health and well being amongst our local children as well as assisting us to build valuable partnerships with local youth groups.

    Once again thank you very much for your assistance.

    Kind regards,

    Crew Commander Carl Hill,
    Dudley Community Fire Station
    West Midlands Fire Service

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