First Para badminton experience

Confusion for Para badminton players……………!

Sunday 29 June was an early start at Loughborough University for the Para badminton players. This was my first line judging duty for sometime. I was looking forward to experiencing a Para badminton tournament as I had heard so many good things about them. The atmosphere was relaxed but quietly competitive. Competitors from all over the world were warming up to get on court.

Para badmintonA little nervous as it had been a while since my last line judging duty on to court I went to call the side line for mixed doubles wheelchair event. In oar of the player’s movement around the court, mastering racquet and wheels, with body positions I never seen before I messed up my first call. The shuttle was clearly in. My arms went out but NO call. Spectators, umpire and players were certainly for that I apologise. I was so embarrassed and muttered to myself to concentrate more on correct calls rather than allowing myself to get engrossed in the game. Needless to say that was the only mistake I made during the day.

If you fancy a spot of line judging the take a look at the website for  BLJA of E. It is a sneaky way of seeing great badminton close up.

For the results  and more information on Para Badminton click HERE.


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