Fast badminton – NBL

Fast moving badminton – NBL Fixture Birmingham Lions V. Surry Smashers

National Badminton League - Birmingham LionsThe fixture promised to be fast moving and action packed. Last night I was one of several line-judges in the Great Hall at the University of Birmingham watching the last home league game for Birmingham Lions. The Lions took on the Smashers from Surry. Birmingham needed to win only one of the 5 disciplines in the match to go through to the finals day on Sunday 8th May. This is already in my dairy as I intend to be on the lines watching some fabulous badminton.

Last night I was lucky enough to line judging 4 out of the 5 games (not bad aye!), then watch the fifth game from the behind the scenes, but Birmingham Lions had already done what they needed to do.

Mens singles always a fast games, saw me on the side line, with a large group of the audience behind me being youngsters and their parents that I know. I was under no pressure to make sure I got all of my calls right. I did not want youngster/friends/fellow badminton fanatics saying I got the call wrong…………….

Out of all the calls I made throughout the night, most of them were no doubt ‘clear calls’ except one side line call in the mens singles. Carl Baxter produced another fast smash and the shuttle travel cross court to Toby Penty’s forehand. Travelling at several mph and my first speedy reaction was to put one arm out for the IN call BUT……..the cork landed OUT. So from a single arm movement to raising the second arm to synchronise with the first arm movement to create the wide arm span single for OUT and shouting the corresponding word ‘out’ seemed to take an eternity. All eyes and the cameras on me……..the look on the umpires face said it all. Thank god I got it right, did not want to be overruled sorry ‘correction’ the shuttle was out.

For those badminton fanatics out there it is a great way to watch badminton close hand. Find out more at Badminton Line Judges Association of England (BLJAofE). In addition or alternatively why not become an Umpire (BUAofE). Just volunteer.


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