Badminton Line-judge course in Birmingham

Interested in becoming a line-judge?

Being a badminton player and knowing the rules as most of us do, I wonder if you can become a badminton line-judge!

Line-judgeAre you interested in and want to take your badminton not to the next level but, put something back into the sport.  Without the officials the sport won’t be able to operate. Becoming a line-judge means you get to sit right on the side line or base line at some of the the worlds most prestigious badminton events.  The Badminton Line Judging Association of England are always looking for new candidate in your area.  The Association are holding a course in Birmingham in the Midlands. If you are interested then please see contact details below along with the course details.

Date: Sunday 19 November 2017.

Venue: Turves Green Boys School, Turves Green, Northfield, Birmingham. B31 4BS

Times: 10.00- 3.00 – TBC

The course will start with in the classroom. After that then you will get to put in to practice what you have learn by gaining experience on court in the sports hall.

Rizvan Sadikot on 07714 952072 or email

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