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Primary Schools

Frightening facts about ‘Obesity rising amongst the leavers from Primary Schools’.

Are Primary Schools doing less exercise with the children? A recent article published in ON MEDICA tells us more about Primary school leavers and National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) by Public Health England.
Full details can be found HERE. It is interesting but having been working with schools for three years I have never heard of this before. Have you? Statistics and Poll details HERE.

Is there something the schools can do to help with Obesity? Can they/should they employ outside coaches to deliver different aspects of physical education and sport?  Of course I (stef the badminton coach) am going to suggest badminton as one of those sports mainly because after playing it is school it can be played at home in the back garden or at the local sports centres by hiring a court.

Do you think your child ought to play more sport in school? Would you like to participate in badminton with your child?
Contact Stephanie on or call 07976 814036.

Customer Service

Have you ever received GREAT Customer Service………………………..?

Today I did.

MAD Customer ServiceMick Davies of MAD Computer Solutions and WEB MANIA deliver an ‘OMG Customer Service’. Having been hard at it all day on my laptop, I turned it off as I had to get ready to go out to work (sports attire ready to coach badminton at a local Ladies only session in Birmingham).

Long story but I need to get in touch with the members URGENTLY as I turned my laptop back on I found nothing……… All the files had mysteriously disappeared. It was a frightening moment having not backed up my computer that day.

One phone call (out of normal working hours) to Mick at MAD Computers a quick conversation with a ‘try this’ solution and I was back up and running. That is what I call great Customer Service. I would recommend MAD Computer Solutions to any one wanting/needing IT Support.

All that is left to do is say a big fat THANK YOU for great Customer service. Keep up the good work.



Can you help me with promotion?

After school exams made SOCIAL Badminton Session take a forced holiday, the events return needs a promotional boost.

School exams forced the SOCIAL Badminton Group at the CTC Kingshurst Academy take an unexpected holiday whilst the hall was out of action. Since the exams have finished and the school hall is now functional again the SOCIAL badminton session is back up and running. But since ‘the holiday’ (only 3 weeks ago) the session needs a bit of a boost to get it back up and running.

I know networking works so I am asking for a bit of help to promote this SOCIAL BADMINTON session in Birmingham.

Can you help me?

Am I competent or incontinent?

steph on a  bike - NOT

Charity bike ride

Building up for a charity bike ride of a 190miles (for Get Kids Going), I am putting in some training. I plan to go out as often as I can and do a least 10miles on my bike every day.
Friday 5 August schedules two rides, one short one in the morning solo. The other later in the day with Luke McLanghlin of Big Yellow.
Unfortunately the weather is not brilliant and is chucking it down. My thinking is that I need to experience this, because if it rains on the day I need to know what it is like.
With a short planned route of 9 miles I kit myself up and off I go. I hadn’t got as far as B&Q in Marshall Lake Road (Shirley) and the water was spraying of the tyres up my back, dripping off my jacket on to my lower back, then following the cuviture of my bottom and every time I peddled it ran down my leg.It was not even a minute it to the ride and I was thinking ‘not good’!
Still i needed to get the miles in and experience this rain so I kept going.
As I hit Cheswick Green I was completely soaked, having put my ipod on ‘shuffle’ I was listening to some good sounds and wasn’t so concerned with how wet I was. I them had an ‘OMG’ moment when the smell of fresh air hit me and it was turning in to a beautiful day.
Hockley Heath, Bentley Heath and then doubled back as I need to go to Tescos. I had promised myself a reward in the form of a bacon and mushroom sandwich.
Pulled up and dismounted. Locked my bike up and off I went, shopping.
I felt on top of the world, however I noticed that people were looking at me.With every step I took I was leaving a trail of water and my trainers were squelching. I was fully expecting the cleaner to follow me around with the yellow ‘wet floor’ sign.
Feeling a little embarassed I quickly grabbed what I needed and off I went.

There was me thinking I was being so organised with planning my rides, finishing with a bit of shopping, but I left feeling embarassed.. Must admit I did look incontinent!

So whichever you think I am, I would appreciate your help by sponsoring me here GET KIDS GOING and mention my name Steph.
Thank you.


Mad or What? – Charity Bike Ride

In a moment of temporary insanity I agreed to do a bike ride for charity. The charity is
Get Kids Going. The bike ride is 191miles over 2 days around London. I am doing
it with a fellow 4Networker Luke McLaughlan from Big Yellow Self Storage in

In preparation, yesterday (Friday 22 July) we met up and did an 18mile bike ride
around Birmingham. Starting at the warehouse, going to Edgbaston, Harbourne,
Selly Oak, Moseley, Edgebaston and back to the warehouse. Luke had all the mode
cons, his iphone GPS told us the exact mileage, time and more importantly how
many calories I burnt up. What a brilliant way to spend an hour or so! The
weather was excellent so even better. That’s all for now.

I will let you know my progress building up to the big event on the 20 and 21 July.

Accommodation in Birmingham – Cite Nites

A Friday night out in Birmingham was arranged and none of us wanted to drive home at the end of the night.

Previously through 4Networking I meet Debora Perry from City Nites (Apartments to rent for the night in Birmingham). So I booked an apartment for last night (Friday 22nd October). What a success that was. A great alternative to a hotel.

After booking in we made our way to a four floor apartment, with a balcony to die for. The apartment was brilliant, comfortable settee, telly and a great view. It was clean, tidy, with a modern décor, well equipped in the kitchen area and complete with tea and coffee (well needed the next morning).

Got ready in our own time and walked to Broad Street, where we parted till the early hours of the morning.

After a great night, a few hours sleep, several cups of coffee (to get us back into the lad of the living), we booked out and went home.

What ever type of night out you have organised in Birmingham I would highly recommend that you use City Nites for a stay over so you don’t have to drive.

All this for a reasonable price.

Winter Fence Repairs

Coming up to winter and most home owners hibernate and stop thinking about their garden and the fences. It should be the opposite regarding the fences because this time of year is the best time to get those fences repaired or replaced. Why you might ask? Well, the majority of the plants are dormant and have been cut back or down. Having your fences done over the winter causes very little disruption to those plants and bushes cherished by the gardeners amongst us. Give it some thought and have a look

Badminton – The Albion Foundation

Last week I was asked to provide badminton coaching at the George Salter School in West Bromwich. These sessions are organised and funded by ‘The Albion Foundation’ Registered Charity No. 1081948.

The project ‘Premier League 4 Sport ‘ is run by all 20 clubs with in the Premier League, working with the government to improve on the current 5 hour offer of Physical Education within the curriculum.

 Badminton is one of four chosen sports, badminton, judo, table tennis and volleyball, being provided to four schools in the local area George Salter, Holly Lodge, Wood Green and Oldbury College.

 For more information on the project.,,10366~1721075,00.html#continue


Mick Davies of MAD Computer Solutions comes up trumps. My computers had a fault on it and froze on me. Mick firstly talked me though several routines over the phone. After no joy we meet at 4Networking in Birmingham where I handed over the ‘hard drive’ or ‘base unit’ and within 3 hours worked his magic so that I could collect it and was back up and running. In the meantime through the internet he set up access to my emails which saved my bacon. Mick has done a couple of presentations or 4sight slots at 4Networking breakfast meeting entitled ‘Armageddon 2012’. What to do in a disaster! If you get the opportunity it is worth listening to.

If you have computer problem the take a look at He is doing a presentation at 4Networking Sutton Coldfield on 4 May check it out

4Networking Stratford

What a great time I had this morning at 4Networking business breakfast meeting at  Stratford. Everybody in the room got in to the spirit of things with it being St. George’s Day and Shakespeare’s birthday.

Brendan hosted a great meeting (even though he was wearing ‘tights’ (yes tights) and a dress….!

Afterwards I had a great meeting with Lucy Davison of E-warehousing who has more than one string to her bow. (Check this out .