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Primary Schools

Frightening facts about ‘Obesity rising amongst the leavers from Primary Schools’.

Are Primary Schools doing less exercise with the children? A recent article published in ON MEDICA tells us more about Primary school leavers and National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) by Public Health England.
Full details can be found HERE. It is interesting but having been working with schools for three years I have never heard of this before. Have you? Statistics and Poll details HERE.

Is there something the schools can do to help with Obesity? Can they/should they employ outside coaches to deliver different aspects of physical education and sport?  Of course I (stef the badminton coach) am going to suggest badminton as one of those sports mainly because after playing it is school it can be played at home in the back garden or at the local sports centres by hiring a court.

Do you think your child ought to play more sport in school? Would you like to participate in badminton with your child?
Contact Stephanie on or call 07976 814036.

Customer Service

Have you ever received GREAT Customer Service………………………..?

Today I did.

MAD Customer ServiceMick Davies of MAD Computer Solutions and WEB MANIA deliver an ‘OMG Customer Service’. Having been hard at it all day on my laptop, I turned it off as I had to get ready to go out to work (sports attire ready to coach badminton at a local Ladies only session in Birmingham).

Long story but I need to get in touch with the members URGENTLY as I turned my laptop back on I found nothing……… All the files had mysteriously disappeared. It was a frightening moment having not backed up my computer that day.

One phone call (out of normal working hours) to Mick at MAD Computers a quick conversation with a ‘try this’ solution and I was back up and running. That is what I call great Customer Service. I would recommend MAD Computer Solutions to any one wanting/needing IT Support.

All that is left to do is say a big fat THANK YOU for great Customer service. Keep up the good work.



Badminton On Fire

Badminton at West Midlands Fire Service – Dudley Station

What a way to spend Saturday night! How better that playing badminton in a Fire Station, with Fire-men?

How and Why was i doing this? Long story short, read on…………
The Green watch at Dudley Fire Station are about to start working with Emma Homer (a community volunteer) who represents a group called Wrenna, Priory, Green Youth United (WPGYU). Green watch are running a couple of badminton sessions where two different age group of kids visit the Fire station and play badminton with the fire fighters.

As a badminton coach I agreed to lend Dudley Fire station some racquets and donated the shuttles so that the sessions can take place. It is unfortunate that I can not support the two sessions Green watch have got scheduled in person (I am so disappointed).

So earlier tonight I called in to drop the racquets off at the Fire Station and got roped in to playing badminton. Must thank Carl, Richard, Mick, Lee, Adam and Tert for some great games and their hospitality. Good luck for the sessions and will look forward to finding out how they went. Wishing you every success.

Gone Fishing – Networking

Gone Fishing Networking in Walsall.

This morning went Networking to Gone fishing in Walsall. It has was the first networking event I have been to in 6 months. I must say Chris Towe was a host and a half. This networking event saw me walk away with five genuine leads as contacts. Chris himself has given me two contacts. Who’d have thought that from 60 seconds talking about badminton and who I would like to see playing the sport would lead to more business.

Thank you to Mick Davies of MAD computers for nagging me in to going along.

Thank you Chris for being such a great host.

Ladies Badminton

Ladies Badminton Nights in February 2013

Are you interested in playing Ladies Badminton all night?

Female members of Ashton Badminton club got chatting one night as us ladies do and talked about holding badminton sessions just for ladies.  This will be purely so that the female club members can play ladies badminton all night.  NO mixed, NO ‘funny’ level double, just purely good old fashioned ladies doubles all night long.  No matter where you play, who you play for, just come and play ladies badminton all night.

If you enjoy playing ladies double, but don’t get the opportunity too often and would like to come along there are NO strings!
Contact Ashton Badminton Club”s Secretary Stephanie Cartwright-Randle

A stranger until you meet them – How true is it?

I was out Tuesday evening at Badminton and there were a few women there I have not meet before.  When  I started inquiring where ladies worked I discovered that Sam (Samantha) was mad about badminton and worked at a local superstore, where I happened to visit frequently and an friend of mine worked. We got chatting and she know my friend. ‘Small world’ I said.

It the next conversation I inquired where Chris (Christine) lived.  Low and behold she lived in the same street as my friend (also playing badminton that evening).  Once introduced the two ladies went on to compared notes on the road as they had both lived in the street for many years.

All in all two of the so called ‘strangers’ that were there playing badminton that evening weren’t strangers at all, just distant friends.

Are you aware that MacDonalds Shirley Will Overcharge you for your visit?

I had not seen a friend in ages and whilst she was passing through the area we agreed to catch up for a coffee. The most convenient location was MacDonalds on A34 Shirley, just of Junction 4 M42. It was great to see her and you know what us girlies are like for chatting. Several cups of coffee and a bite to eat, the time flew past. When my friend rang me up a week later she sounded really upset. She had received a parking ticket for £50.00.  I am still waiting from mine to arrive.

Apparently this often happens. This watchdog article HERE tells all.  Let all your friends and family know how expensive MacDonalds can be. Shall I be using them again? I think NOT!

Am I competent or incontinent?

steph on a  bike - NOT

Charity bike ride

Building up for a charity bike ride of a 190miles (for Get Kids Going), I am putting in some training. I plan to go out as often as I can and do a least 10miles on my bike every day.
Friday 5 August schedules two rides, one short one in the morning solo. The other later in the day with Luke McLanghlin of Big Yellow.
Unfortunately the weather is not brilliant and is chucking it down. My thinking is that I need to experience this, because if it rains on the day I need to know what it is like.
With a short planned route of 9 miles I kit myself up and off I go. I hadn’t got as far as B&Q in Marshall Lake Road (Shirley) and the water was spraying of the tyres up my back, dripping off my jacket on to my lower back, then following the cuviture of my bottom and every time I peddled it ran down my leg.It was not even a minute it to the ride and I was thinking ‘not good’!
Still i needed to get the miles in and experience this rain so I kept going.
As I hit Cheswick Green I was completely soaked, having put my ipod on ‘shuffle’ I was listening to some good sounds and wasn’t so concerned with how wet I was. I them had an ‘OMG’ moment when the smell of fresh air hit me and it was turning in to a beautiful day.
Hockley Heath, Bentley Heath and then doubled back as I need to go to Tescos. I had promised myself a reward in the form of a bacon and mushroom sandwich.
Pulled up and dismounted. Locked my bike up and off I went, shopping.
I felt on top of the world, however I noticed that people were looking at me.With every step I took I was leaving a trail of water and my trainers were squelching. I was fully expecting the cleaner to follow me around with the yellow ‘wet floor’ sign.
Feeling a little embarassed I quickly grabbed what I needed and off I went.

There was me thinking I was being so organised with planning my rides, finishing with a bit of shopping, but I left feeling embarassed.. Must admit I did look incontinent!

So whichever you think I am, I would appreciate your help by sponsoring me here GET KIDS GOING and mention my name Steph.
Thank you.


Badminton Birmingham – Premier League 4 Sport (PL4S)

During term times I am run the PL4S Badminton after school club at George Salter Collegiate Academy in West Bromwich. PL4S is where league football clubs sponsor 4 sports locally.  I was engaged by The Albion Foundation to run the badminton sessions on a Wednesday evening straight after school.

The PL4S and Aston Villa ran an event at Nechelles Community Sports Centre over three days early this week (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday). I went along on Monday to see what it was all about and ended up helping out. I went back on Wednesday to run the badminton competition. I ran a singles tournament and a serving competition simultaneously during the day, with small prizes for each winner. The age of the entrants ranged from 8 years old to 16. The serving competition was won by 8 year old Emily Chan, who after some gruelling games in the earlier rounds made it to the tournament final, where she fought tooth and nail against 15 year old Christopher Li, to loose in three games (both members of the WSBC).


If you or family member has an interest in playing badminton in or around Birmingham then check out Badminton England site for a local club or the No Strings Badminton site.

Get Kids Going – Charity Bike Ride – Training

In preparation for the big days (August 20 and 21) with a target of 191miles, my friend Jon Lindsay (from Ashton Badminton Club) has been riding for years, took me out on Sunday for a training session. I managed 34 miles with Jon after doing 10miles on my own in the morning. I knew about it on Monday.

Tuesday I talked Luke Mclanghlin (fellow Charity bike rider from Big Yellow) in to getting up early on his day off and joining me for an early run out around Birmingham later this morning. After that I am attending the PL4S (Premier League 4 Sports) day at Nechells Community Centre to run a badminton session for kids till 3.00 (Sponsored by Aston Villa). Looking forward to that.