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More line judging

Day two of line judging as yesterday I was broken in so to speak.

Line judging

Photo by Alan Spink – Action Photography

First up today Warwickshire lad Rhys Walker, how apt, as I coach the Under 13’s Warwickshire juniors at the Birmingham cell (not going to be biased then). Position 4, meant I was responsible for mopping the court, nice! So on several occasions I was called on court, for Rhys to tap the area where he wanted me to ‘mop’ (did not think my line calls were that bad as I could not see the sweat on court). Hey ho he lost in two.

Next duty was Rajiv Ouseph (4th seed) V. Vitaly Konov. I did very few judging calls the first game as Rajiv was my end of the court and he won. The second game my hand signals were called upon to give me more practice, much appreciated thanks Rajiv final score 2-0.

My third duty was mens doubles, English pair CHENG and McCARTHY v China Taipei pair HUANG and LU. Having been told the mens doubles are a little on the fast side I was very nervous. A few wobbly hand gestures starting to indicate in but ended up out (swimming again) and the game was over. Sorry lads.

The last duty for me was Mixed (my first of the discipline). Both pairs RASMUSSEN/GREBAK(DEN) V. SCHWENGER/NELTE (GER) were young. What a game! I was extremely nervous as both sets of coaches where next to me in the last game. I had my fingers crossed that all of my calls would be easy. Thank you guardian angels for looking after me. No difficult line judging calls required. Sailed my second day of line judging, what will tomorrow have in store?

Event news HERE.

Calling all young badminton players – Exciting opportunity

Teachers and parents take note:-  

Is your child interested in playing sport? Are they a talented sports person?

Cheek out the Unipart and Forza tournament HERE. Where they can play badminton and with coaching through the WMPC, could play great competitive badminton.

Badminton Birmingham – Premier League 4 Sport (PL4S)

During term times I am run the PL4S Badminton after school club at George Salter Collegiate Academy in West Bromwich. PL4S is where league football clubs sponsor 4 sports locally.  I was engaged by The Albion Foundation to run the badminton sessions on a Wednesday evening straight after school.

The PL4S and Aston Villa ran an event at Nechelles Community Sports Centre over three days early this week (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday). I went along on Monday to see what it was all about and ended up helping out. I went back on Wednesday to run the badminton competition. I ran a singles tournament and a serving competition simultaneously during the day, with small prizes for each winner. The age of the entrants ranged from 8 years old to 16. The serving competition was won by 8 year old Emily Chan, who after some gruelling games in the earlier rounds made it to the tournament final, where she fought tooth and nail against 15 year old Christopher Li, to loose in three games (both members of the WSBC).


If you or family member has an interest in playing badminton in or around Birmingham then check out Badminton England site for a local club or the No Strings Badminton site.

Get Kids Going – Charity Bike Ride – Training

In preparation for the big days (August 20 and 21) with a target of 191miles, my friend Jon Lindsay (from Ashton Badminton Club) has been riding for years, took me out on Sunday for a training session. I managed 34 miles with Jon after doing 10miles on my own in the morning. I knew about it on Monday.

Tuesday I talked Luke Mclanghlin (fellow Charity bike rider from Big Yellow) in to getting up early on his day off and joining me for an early run out around Birmingham later this morning. After that I am attending the PL4S (Premier League 4 Sports) day at Nechells Community Centre to run a badminton session for kids till 3.00 (Sponsored by Aston Villa). Looking forward to that.

Birmingham Bonanza – Badminton England

This weekend saw the Birmingham Bonanza Badminton Tournament organised by Badminton England.

The event was well attentend and busy on both days. I took part in a couple of events with friends and supported several of the WSBC (Warwickshire Schools Badminton Club) under 11 and under 13 kids that I coach. The family event where I played with Tamhid Uddin, we came runners up. It is an event I would encourage any one to participate in. The experience is well worth it if you want to improve your game.

Take a look at http://www.badmintonengland.co.uk/text.asp?section=161&sectionTitle=The+Yehlex+Badminton+Bonanzas for more details.