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My last day line judging at the Copper Box.

Day 3 and my last day – Line Judging

It’s a late start on my last day as a line judge. With a lie in, well I still made a cuppa for my roommate and I (a little too early, sorry Mum Pammie). Then eventually turned over and had another hour. Breakfast was humming will some off the ladies off shopping. Pammie and I stayed in the room and I took advantage of the time to do a few blogs (Ashton men’s match report plus others). So a leisurely start to what will be a long day, estimated finish time of 20.00 depending on how many games go to three. Settled in to my new role as line judge I was enjoying the experience. Along with seeing what goes on behind the scenes to provide the public with a flawless program of games to watch is, I must say very interesting.

For those of you who play badminton I recommend experiencing a bit of line judging. Why not do the training (See HERE for details on Line Judging)? Then volunteer!

My last day of line judging went well. Did not do that much ‘swimming’ so was pleased with that. I got to officiate Caroline MARIN from Spain (Results HERE), in my next life can I be her  please or just 20 years younger. Perdersen and Rytter Juhl, ladies doubles (if they say it’s out I won’t argue) quiet frighteningly a strong pair, well they are the number 1 seed in the tournament. Next on court with Ellis and Van Rietvelde (England and Scotland) pair and I momentarily lost my concentration slightly (forgot to sit down simultaneously with my colleagues) as a young voice in the crowd behind be me shouted  ‘come on England’ and then corrected himself by shouting ‘Great Britain’. My last match on my last day was ladies singles Wang V. Vignes Waren, not quiet the finish I would have liked as the next court saw Oliver and Robertshaw win in the third (details HERE) getting the crowd roaring. My Last day saw England success

Last day continued

Not over till the fat lady sings. Although all of the line judging had long ended, Badminton England had masses of work to do altering the arena for the next day. Remove courts, more seating out and all the computer next work needed fixing.  It was all hands to the wheel (or court in this case). Many hands make lighter work, so we left the arena at 11.00 (play finished at 9.00), underground back to the hotel. My new found friend (travelled by car and proceed tot he bar) called my to inform the 6 of us on the train that the bar would close before we got back. So with pre-ordered drinks waiting we would be able to quench our thirsts (thanks BE). So with an early start on a long journey home, bed was welcome on my last day.



Am I competent or incontinent?

steph on a  bike - NOT

Charity bike ride

Building up for a charity bike ride of a 190miles (for Get Kids Going), I am putting in some training. I plan to go out as often as I can and do a least 10miles on my bike every day.
Friday 5 August schedules two rides, one short one in the morning solo. The other later in the day with Luke McLanghlin of Big Yellow.
Unfortunately the weather is not brilliant and is chucking it down. My thinking is that I need to experience this, because if it rains on the day I need to know what it is like.
With a short planned route of 9 miles I kit myself up and off I go. I hadn’t got as far as B&Q in Marshall Lake Road (Shirley) and the water was spraying of the tyres up my back, dripping off my jacket on to my lower back, then following the cuviture of my bottom and every time I peddled it ran down my leg.It was not even a minute it to the ride and I was thinking ‘not good’!
Still i needed to get the miles in and experience this rain so I kept going.
As I hit Cheswick Green I was completely soaked, having put my ipod on ‘shuffle’ I was listening to some good sounds and wasn’t so concerned with how wet I was. I them had an ‘OMG’ moment when the smell of fresh air hit me and it was turning in to a beautiful day.
Hockley Heath, Bentley Heath and then doubled back as I need to go to Tescos. I had promised myself a reward in the form of a bacon and mushroom sandwich.
Pulled up and dismounted. Locked my bike up and off I went, shopping.
I felt on top of the world, however I noticed that people were looking at me.With every step I took I was leaving a trail of water and my trainers were squelching. I was fully expecting the cleaner to follow me around with the yellow ‘wet floor’ sign.
Feeling a little embarassed I quickly grabbed what I needed and off I went.

There was me thinking I was being so organised with planning my rides, finishing with a bit of shopping, but I left feeling embarassed.. Must admit I did look incontinent!

So whichever you think I am, I would appreciate your help by sponsoring me here GET KIDS GOING and mention my name Steph.
Thank you.