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Direct planet hit for youth theatre group….!

Birmingham Youth Theatre presents Return to the Forbidden Planet

Tonight at the Old Rep Theatre in Birmingham I witness a great performance by youth Scott Jennings. He took the lead role in the Youth Theatre’s production as Captain Tempest of the starship and a fabulous job he did to. Congratulations to the entire cast  as they sang their hearts out to give the audience their moneys worth (Great value by the way).

I amassed how Scott learnt the script of by heart, including the words to the songs and the dance routines. I would like to say that he gets moves and his energy to dance from playing badminton every Wednesday evening. Alas I doubt it. Youth is very much on his side. (Details of his badminton session can be found HERE).

Birmingham Youth Theatre have two more shows to produce tomorrow (including the matinee) if you are interested then tickets can be booked on line HERE or HERE. Alternatively check out the next production which is ‘The Snow Queen’ scheduled for November 2014.

Birmingham Youth Theatre

Birmingham Youth Theatre are always looking for talented young performers. So if your child shows talent and wants to gain some experience then contact Melanie Flint on 07972 095863 ans see their website. Auditions for the Snow Queen will be happening soon.

Return to the Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Plant production by the Birmingham Youth Theatre.

After attending the last production of Miss Saiygon (details HERE) by the Birmingham Youth Theatre are now presenting the ‘Return to the Forbidden Planet’ at the Old Rep Theatre in Birmingham. The Forbidden Planet production is in May and tickets can be purchased through the Birmingham Youth Theatre box office HERE. Young Scott Jennings a social badminton player in North Birmingham at Kingshurst Academy.

The cast and the production team behind the scenes are all members of the Youth Theatre group.  With Miss Saigon being a big hit don’t miss out on your ticket so book early and take advantage of the special offer that is running throughout February.